Insight Living and Smilefish form AI-driven Partnership to Revolutionize Senior Care

Newport Beach, CA - August 1st 2023

AI Innovation in Senior Care

Insight Living and Smilefish have announced a strategic partnership aimed at using artificial intelligence to drive innovation in senior care. By jointly developing new AI anchored technology, they aim to accelerate care innovation in long-term care and residential settings.

Smilefish is a machine learning and data science provider focused on accelerating digital transformation, automation, and enablement of AI application development for clients and partners. Smilefish has extensive software and data management experience for a range of healthcare and life science partners. Insight Living believes senior living operators have a unique opportunity to leverage operational and diagnostic data to enhance care effectiveness and family engagement. The alignment between both teams is evident in their shared commitment to data-driven innovation and both believe long-term care settings are the opportune environment for AI models to be honed to pave the way for future advancements in senior care in a range of settings.

“We are aiming to develop new, proprietary tools to essentially enable 1:1 caregiver to resident ratios with virtual in-house medication experts, AI policy and procedures experts, and new proprietary tools for family and caregiver engagement, all fed from a vast array of integrated internal data,” Bryan Ziebart, Insight Principal, noted. “Industry penetration rates have been largely flat despite improvements in the hard and soft products for seniors over the last decade. Transformative, AI-driven change is needed to make that next leap.”

The partnership achieved a significant milestone by successfully creating a consolidated data environment that seamlessly integrates millions of unique records within its pilot community in real time. This integrated data ecosystem has diverse applications, from serving as the foundation to novel AI applications to optimizing asset management and providing real-time operational observations. Additionally, the pair recently applied for a grant from the National Institute on Aging (part of the National Institutes of Health) to develop an advanced AI tool for medication management and family engagement. The grant is in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Artificial Intelligence & Technology Collaboratory (AITC) for Aging Research which is focused on fostering innovation in aging research, primarily in driving AI and data related innovation.

Before joining Insight Living, Principal, Bryan Ziebart spent his career helping companies leverage data to drive innovation. "The senior living space is ripe with untapped potential for data-driven innovation. Too often, discussions about data and analytics in our industry focus solely on financial metrics, and AI is reduced to robo-servers… we believe as an industry, we’re in a unique position to do more."

Ralf Brockhaus, as the CEO of Smilefish, brings a 20+ year track record of leading tech initiatives, with a focus on data science and machine learning in healthcare and life sciences. His ability to successfully manage digital transformation projects, his commitment to improving patient outcomes, and his extensive experience in developing AI-based solutions add immense value as technical lead for the partnership.

"Our growing team constantly seeks meaningful challenges to apply and expand our machine learning capabilities," Ralf Brockhaus, CEO at Smilefish, said. "The strategic partnership with Insight Living provides ongoing access to large amounts of unique and sensitive data allowing us to innovate with impact on a significant problem our society has to face."

The relationship between Smilefish and Insight Living sets the stage for significant, transformative change for senior living operators and brings the objectives of both organizations closer to fostering the development of innovative tools to improve aging-related care.

Insight Living and Smilefish are finalizing the development of a range of services that will allow senior living operators and asset managers to own their data strategy and operating tools to drive greater innovation, control, and improved resident and team member outcomes. For more information email

About Insight Living

Insight Living is a data-first senior living management operator. Insight is the vertically integrated management arm of development team Link Senior Development and investment and asset management group Woodland Senior. Insight Living looks beyond the senior care sector to define operating principles, drawing inspiration from diverse fields to shape the future of senior living and redefine what can be achieved in the industry.

About Smilefish

Smilefish, under the leadership of CEO Ralf Brockhaus, is a dynamic technology company specializing in data science, machine learning, and healthcare solutions. With a commitment to improving patient outcomes, Smilefish’s dedicated team has developed numerous impactful applications, ranging from heart rate monitoring and infant hearing tests to IoT solutions for intensive care units. The company’s proprietary Data Fabric solution provides the governance and automation necessary for preparing large amounts of quality data for machine learning.

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