You have a business to grow!

AI and Machine Learning provide a competitive edge but require large amounts of trusted, actionable data. We provide clarity and automate your process while you focus on what matters to your business. Let us take care of your software and data integration.

Data Culture

A productive data culture means creating a shared understanding of your valuable data assets to enable data-driven decision-making based on compliant data access and distribution.

Data Agility

Your business requires flexible, reliable, cost-effective integrations to fulfill your data request quickly and at scale. The right data to the right applications regardless of the underlying data infrastructure.

Cloud Migration

Accelerating Digital Transformation toward a scalable technology business requires cloud expertise. We architect cost-effective cloud solutions to meet your needs.


Business process automation require a flexible low-code integration platform that gathers data and delivers it to application when they need it.

Offshore Recovery

Cost-driven offshore endeavors are not the best answer. We listen, and we optimize your total project cost. Let's meet your business needs with local resources.

Optimize 100x Data Fabric

The Optimize100x Data Fabric supports your data integration needs based on a few core principles: cost-effective, future-proof, rapid, flexible, secure, consistent and scalable.
With Optimize100x, you're not just managing data, you're future-proofing your business for the AI era.

Machine Learning

Optimize100x ensures data consistency for out-of-the-box AI models or machine learning at AWS, GCP, Azure, and on-premises.

Data as a Product

Your data is valuable. Optimize100x captures, analyzes, enriches and protects your data assets.
Your data is YOUR gold.

Connector Layer

Optimize100x connects external systems via a trust framework and ecosystem of 101 extensible API blocks

Data Capabilities

The system guarantees traceability, transparency, and privacy, enabeling data owners to maintain control of their data assets.

Data Intelligence

Machine learning requires large amounts of homogenous data from multiple sources. Data intelligence and preparation streams automate it.

Hybrid Muli-Cloud

The hybrid multi-cloud layer provides data virtualization across clouds and on-premise deployments.

Our Happy Clients

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People are your focus. These might be employees, customers, users, prospects or leads from various sources. We are connecting them and make your interaction efficient and memorable.


Your products run a life cycle from concept over creation to maintenance. We integrate all software throughout the lifecycle, regardless if you produce or acquire the products for your clients.


You are dealing with short attention spans. Your clients require immediate service at whatever location whenever the impulse is triggered. We are experts in supporting your mobile strategy.

Our Partners

You don't need to do it all alone. We analyze your needs, identify an approach that fits your business, and preferably select software that can be seamlessly integrated with minimal need for custom development.
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Next Steps

Let's gather the requirements for your solution.



Every project begins with understanding your business goals, budget, and timeline. We follow a formal and collaborative Agile development approach that starts with a concept phase to identify your business needs, locate any gaps, and follow through with two-week development cycles to incrementally deploy a POC, MVP, and full solution that meets all of the stakeholder’s objectives.



Our highly configurable cloud platform and extensive code library allow clients access to rich feature sets without the maintenance burden that comes with the rapidly evolving integration landscape. Our scalable solutions can be deployed onto your existing backend infrastructure or can be hosted with our top tier partners Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.



We are technologists and are fully engrossed in data science and machine learning. Our fingers are on the code every day embracing the newest trends. We can tailor to your business strategy and connect you to the newest innovations that will add meaningful business value and enhance user experience. You continue what you do best and leave the implementation to us.



Our entire team is located in Newport Beach, CA. You will personally get to know the developers on your project and collaborate with them face to face. In addition, we teach at the University of California Irvine and are involved with leading institutions on campus. This provides us access to great talent, fosters the local community, and helps us keep you up to date with emerging technologies.

Let us make a splash in your data lake